1. Learn more about Flores

Lavender and sage make our Flores soap a celebration of sensuality. The floral and earthy character of this soap expresses pure joy and closeness to nature.

The skin becomes especially soft and silky after application due to the combination of olive and grape seed oil. Shea and mango butters provide sufficient moisture, which is further enhanced by the vitamin F (linoleic acid) in grape seed oil, as it protects against moisture loss. The floral ensemble is rounded off by the addition of coconut oil, which convinces with its cleansing properties.

Also contributing to the cleansing of the skin is lavender essential oil, which is not only detoxifying, but has a proven calming and relaxing effect. Sage essential oil helps regulate the production of natural skin oils, enchanting with a dreamy herbaceous and pleasant floral aroma that makes you think directly of the French Provence in late summer.

LUMAYA uses only vegetable colorants. This way we prevent glitter or micro pollutants from getting into your skin or polluting our water system. We create the purple color by using an extract from the alcanna root. 

1 soap x 100 g