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Washing your hair has never been so mood-lifting! The sweet citrus scent of Mandarina shampoo is wonderfully refreshing and brightens the mood at any time of day. Due to the extra portion of moisture, normal hair shines with new freshness after each application. The rhassoul clay contained, a lava clay now also known in this country, comes from Morocco and is extracted from the fertile soils of the Atlas Mountains. Washing with earth doesn't seem quite clean to you? Don't worry, healing clays have been used for hair and skin care in Morocco as well as Southern and Central Europe since the 12th century.

The clay unfolds its healing effects on demanding skin, stabilizes sebum production and declares war on dandruff. A true beauty all-rounder, rhassoul clay is also rich in minerals such as magnesium and silica. Treat your skin and hair to a rejuvenating treatment with every use!

Weight: 45 or 90 grams

Consumption: about 60 hair washes at 90g (may vary depending on the length and intensity of shampoo use).