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Rosemary and lavender transport you from your daily routine directly into a world of pure relaxation. At the same time, our Romero Shampoo gently cleanses normal hair and generously nourishes it, as it contains shikakai powder in addition to soap nut. Shikakai powder is a traditional Indian hair care product made from dried fruit pods of the plant of the same name. Until recently, shikakai was considered the best-kept secret of Ayurvedic beauty care.

Thanks to its gentle cleansing of hair and scalp and its harmonizing properties, the knowledge of its beneficial effects has been very carefully passed down. Allow the soothing and pleasantly beguiling fragrance to take you to a southern French landscape of lavender and rosemary, behind whose hills the late summer sun is slowly setting. 

Weight: 45 or 90 grams

Consumption: about 60 hair washes at 90g (may vary depending on the length and intensity of shampoo use).