1. Learn more about Tikal

Our Tikal soap can score with no less than three different types of clay: Kaolin, red and green French clay. This composition makes Tikal a unique skin cleanser. But cleansing with earth, is that even possible? Yes, and how! Learn more about the magical power of clay and visit our section "Raw materials - other additives".

The contained avocado oil moisturizes dry skin, stimulates collagen production and is rich in vitamins A, C and E. In addition, Tikal enjoys a balanced combination of shea butter and coconut oil, which provides the skin with a natural moisturizer.

For a wonderful scent, essential oils of grapefruit and litsea cubeba provide a tropical feel and serve as mood lifters thanks to their citrus character. So you can always close your eyes and lose yourself for a moment in an exotic world.

Grapefruit essential oil helps fight bacteria and grease that can cause acne. Litsea Cubeba essential oil is known for its mild, balancing properties that help balance oily skin. Litsea Cubeba also has antibacterial properties that can help with blemished skin. 

 1 soap x 100 g