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Soap 1
Soap 2

2 Soaps x 100 g

1 Soap sisal bag x 15 g 

LUMAYA now offers happiness in a double pack. With our LUMAYA Duo you get 2x soaps in a set and 1x soap sisal bag.

You can choose your favorites from our existing soap products, or simply choose the soaps that you may not have tried yet. You can choose from: 

Tikal- The mild skin cleanser soap with antibacterial properties. A triad of green, red and white clay. 

Lemoa- The citrus-fresh moisturizer with orange, lemon and lemongrass oils. The included apricot kernel and avocado oils are also rich in vitamins and the poppy seeds give your skin a natural exfoliation.

Flores - Lavender and sage give this soap a floral and earthy character. Shea and mango butters act as natural moisturizers.

Pacaya - Coconut milk and activated charcoal form a perfect symbiosis to cleanse and then mildly nourish the skin. The wonderfully fragrant oil of bergamot acts as a natural deodorant.

Santa Rosa - The Wellness Soap. Essential oils of geranium, palmarosa and lavender leave you feeling like you're at the spa. Pink crystal salt gives your skin a natural exfoliation.

We recommend this product only for skin and not for hair. 


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